Q. What is Custom Buttons?

A. Customs Buttons Now is a web page which offers services for design and print custom buttons and badges.

Q. What kind of materials do you use on printing?

A. We make buttons and printing on materials which are anti-glaring but glossy which makes us unique on trade.

Q. What is the paper weight used for printing?

A. We print on paper which is 100g /sqm to have deep and impressive colors on it.

Q. What are your technology equipment’s used for printing?

A. We possess high quality printing equipment’s which possess up to 8 colors during printing.

Q. I want to make some buttons but i didn’t decided yet. Can you help me?

A. Through our online Customer Service Chat we provide to our customers consulting and support every day a week 24 hours.

Q. Can i see some samples of your printing?

A. You can check our samples on our web page.

Q What is the production of time and delivery time.

A. We start production of the products immediately after you place the order. In the same time the deliverance of the products depends on the time zone that you have selected. You can see it during the order place process.

Q. How can i make an order?

A. You can make an order by visiting our website, selecting the product you like. Also you can make an order by consulting our team through the Customer Service Chat.

Q. I do not have much information about custom buttons?

A. No problem! Please contact us and we will give you all necessary information.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of designs that i can order?

A. No. You can order as many designs as you want.

Q. Can you design my buttons?

A. You can check our samples on the web page. Also we can design you buttons, please check the web page to see if necessary fee is applied.

Q. Is it possible to cancel my order?

A. Yes. You can cancel your order at any time before we print it. However, be aware that his could be within moments after ordering. Purchasing and processing gives you enough time between placing an order and for us printing it. If you have decided to cancel your order before approving the proof this gives you more time to let us know.

Q. If i receive a damaged button, can i return it?

A. Yes, you can contact us through chat, email or phone and we will inform you about the steps for returning the item. Also we will send you a new one.

Q. I have a different billing and shipping address?

A. It is not a problem. Please just, add your information during the process of placing the order.

Q. What are the payment methods that you use?

A. We accept credit cards and Debit Card. We DO NOT accept other ways of payments.

Q. What are the formats and sizes that can be printed?

A. As our name is we offer custom buttons on different forms such as: square, round, rectangle, oval etc. on difference sizes.

Q. Is there a minimum quantity per order?

A. Yes, for printing a specific order you to order the minimum number of quantity which is 100.

Q. If you want to make a reorder for the same art file, do you keep them?

A. All you orders are listed on Order history. We keep those files and we can produce the same order again for you.